︎video by Celeste Lombardi



Training session and concert

Idea, Direction and Performance by Fabrizio Saiu
Developed during an art residence  at PTL (Brescia - September 2020)
and TEMPO REALE  (Firenze - July 2021).


Performance for an athlete-musician, 35 percussion cymbals and speech dispositor. The concert consists of a training session between sound action and art du déplacement. A vocal synthesis algorithm (Karen) intervenes on the modulations of the performer's gesture through sequences of cues and introductions, overlapping them, articulating a surreal, oracular, analytical and descriptive, pseudo-philosophical speech. It transforms the context of the action into a science fiction scenario whose protagonist is an astronaut, a boxer, a soldier, a monk or a musician or none of these.


This is a performance designed to be produced in an enclosed, quiet space in unusual locations. 

The listening of the entire performance is done through headphones, in order to allow a privileged relationship between the individual user and the performer and reproduce, in a direct and almost tactile way, the sound sensation of the physical impact of the performer's body on the saucers, his breaths and his micro movements.

For a correct listening and viewing, it is strictly necessary that the audience is arranged around the performer at a distance of about 3/4 meters, arranged in several rows on the ground and standing.









JUNE 9, 15, 22 2021 ︎workshop - Rovescio / The Frisbee Way @ In-tessere Festival (Brescia)

JULY 1-10 2021 ︎
resident artist @Tempo Reale (Firenze) with Métron Extended

JULY 1-7 2021 ︎
Plutone-Esploso @CantieriCulturali  (Firenze) with Elisabetta Consonni  and Bart Van den Eynde

JULY 12-13 2021 ︎
sharing training on Intermission a sound action for movers and traceurs with Attivisti per la danza @Dance for Dance (Firenze)

JULY 25 2021 ︎
Intermission [experimental version] [workshop + performance for dancers] @A corpo vivo Festival - Cagliari

AUGUST 23-25 2021 ︎
Intermission I [workshop + performance]
@Linea Festival (Corato - BA)

SEPTEMBER 19 2021 ︎
Intermissionintermission  [workshop + performance] @Rumur: Isola (Cevo - BS)

SEPTEMBER 26 2021 ︎

26 september 2021 Intermission II [workshop + performance] in collaboration with Parkourwave @NU Festival (Novara)


Fabrizio Saiu, mover, performer and musician, works in experimental music and in performing arts field, focusing on the concerto, collective acts and environmetal behaviors: performative mechanisms based on the twine of different practices in which the environment, body actions and the sound are central elements.

info@fabriziosaiu.com | m. +39 348 038 3602