Training session and concert

Idea, Direction and Performance by Fabrizio Saiu
Sound engineer Michele Marelli
Voices by Karen (vocal synthesis), Alice Valenti

Developed during an art residence  at PTL (Brescia - September 2020),
Tempo Reale (Firenze - July 2021), Urge (Brescia - September 2021), Teatro Grande (Brescia - June 2022). 

︎video by Celeste Lombardi

Performance for an athlete-musician, 35 cymbals and speeches for recorded human and digital voices. The concert consists of a training between sound action and art du déplacement. A voice synthesis algorithm (Karen) dialogues with a human voice and intervenes on the modulations of the performer's gesture through sequences of orders and aphorisms, articulating a surreal, oracular and pseudo-philosophical speech.  Karen and Alice transform the context of the action into a speech music concert or a science fiction scenario whose protagonist is an astronaut, a traceur, a soldier, a monk, a musician or none of the above

This is a performance designed to be produced in an enclosed, quiet space in unusual locations.

The listening of the entire performance is done through headphones, in order to allow a privileged relationship between the individual user and the performer and reproduce, in a direct and almost tactile way, the sound sensation of the physical impact of the performer's body on the saucers, his breaths and his micro movements.

For a correct listening and viewing, it is strictly necessary that the audience is arranged around the performer at a distance of about 3/4 meters, arranged in several rows on the ground and standing.




(premiere 2022)










APRIL, 27 2022
Talk / Suono e Nuove tecnologie @Convegno “Musica a Scuola. Educazione specialistica e generalista: prospettive di raccordo esviluppo” - Giornata di studi regionale - @Istituto Palazzolo del Conservatorio “G. Donizetti” di Bergamo 

MAY, 24 2022
Shared Training / Intermission @Parco Dora- Torino 

JUNE, 16 2022
The City and the Stars audiovisual performance w.  viDEO sAVant (Charles Woodman) + Ligatura (A. Lamacchia, M. Rinaldi, F. Saiu) @Circolo Dev/Tenuta bene, Bologna

JUNE, 19 2022
The City and the Stars audiovisual performance w.  viDEO sAVant (Charles Woodman) + Ligatura (A. Lamacchia, M. Rinaldi, F. Saiu) - @Cargo Museo Pecci per Spazio Materia, Prato

JUNE, 27-30 2022
resident artist @Teatro Grande (Brescia) / Rehearsals | Métron Extended: a concert for an athlete-musician, 35 percussion cymbals and screenplay for human and digital voices

JULY, 03 2022
Métron Extended / premiere @Pergine Festival

JULY, 11-12 2022
Shared Training / Intermission @Piazza Gino Valle- Milano

JULY, 24 2022
Peripatetiche dell’ascolto @SuperPark - GeoParco dell’Adamello - Malga Cengledino | Tione (TN)

AUGUST, 19 2022
Sortie d’atelier @Kunsthaus Nexus - Jazz Saalfelden - Wien 


Mover, performer and musician, I work in experimental music and in performing arts field,
focusing my research on concert, collective acts and environmetal behaviors:
performative mechanisms based on the twine of different practices in which the environment,
body actions and the sound are central elements.


e. | m. +39 348 038 3602